Struct PATH::PATHProblem

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Class PATH.

Struct Documentation

struct PATHProblem

This struct manages an LCP where each complementarity is given by \(x \perp z=(Mx+q)\).

Public Members

int n

Number of x variables, namely complementarities.

int nnz

Number of non-zeros in M.

double *x

Pointer to x values.

double *lb

n-dimensional array of lower bounds

double *ub

n-dimensional array of upper bounds

int *m_start

Fortran like start of M.

int *m_len

Fortran like length of M.

int *m_row

Fortran like row of M.

double *m_data

Fortran like data of M.

double *q

q vector