Class ZEROException

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public std::exception

Class Documentation

class ZEROException : public virtual std::exception

Public Functions

inline explicit ZEROException(ZEROErrorCode code)
inline explicit ZEROException(ZEROErrorCode code, const std::string &more)
inline explicit ZEROException(GRBException &e)
~ZEROException() noexcept override = default
inline const char *what() const noexcept override
inline virtual ZEROErrorCode which() const noexcept
inline const char *more() const noexcept

Protected Attributes

ZEROErrorCode error_code

This class manages the errors thrown by ZERO.

Error code for the thrown exception

std::string error_desc

The description of the error.

std::string error_additional = "-"

Additional information about the error. This may be empty.