Class LCP_PATHStart

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class LCP_PATHStart : public GRBCallback

A GRBCallback to warm start a feasible MIP solution with PATH. This is triggered whenever the number of explored nodes is greater than a given threshold.

Public Functions

inline LCP_PATHStart(MathOpt::LCP *LCPin, GRBVar *vars, unsigned long int numvars)

Default constructor.

  • LCPin – Pointer to the LCP which is solved by Gurobi

  • vars – Pointer to the Gurobi variables

  • numvars – Number of variables

Public Members

bool done = false

If PATH was called at least one time.

unsigned long int minNodes = 2500

Threshold on the minimum number of explored nodes.

GRBVar *Vars = {}

Pointer to vars.

unsigned long int numVars

Number of vars.

MathOpt::LCP *LCP

Pointer to the LCP instance.

Protected Functions

inline void callback() override

Standard override for the Gurobi callback. This will try to generate the PATH’s solution if the number of nodes is greater than the given threshold.