Class DataObject

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Base Type

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class DataObject : public ZEROAlgorithmData

Public Functions

inline DataObject()

Public Members

Attr<Data::IPG::CutsAggressiveness> CutAggressiveness = {Data::IPG::CutsAggressiveness::KeepItCool}
Attr<Data::IPG::Algorithms> Algorithm = {Data::IPG::Algorithms::CutAndPlay}

The selected algorithm.

Attr<Data::LCP::Algorithms> LCPSolver

The preferred LCP Solver.

Attr<Data::IPG::Objectives> Objective = {Data::IPG::Objectives::Linear}

The preferred objective type for the MIP LCP reformulation.

Attr<std::vector<std::pair<std::string, int>>> Cuts

Statistics about the added cuts. Refer to the indices in IPG::Algorithms::CutAndPlay.

Attr<double> Presolve = {true}

Standard initializer constructor.